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BumbleBee Landing


Bumble Bee Landing

24 South Main Street, Cohasset MA
(781) 383-6540


Welcome Bumble Bee Landing!

While new in Cohasset Village, Dana is considered a leading Boston Florist that specializes in weddings, floral arrangements, and even holiday decorations. Dana has just joined the Chamber of Commerce and is fast becoming part of the community. Bumble Bee Landing is located directly across the street from Twist and Ports. Her address is 24 South Main Street. Her talents and works of art can be seen both outside and inside her new location.


You can also see pictures of her latest work on her Facebook Page Facebook Link


Please welcome Bumble Bee Landing to Cohasset.


Store hours:Tue- 11:30-6pm,Wed-Fri 11-6pm,Sat-10-6pm,Sun 11-3


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Photos by Shang Chen Photography